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A notebook is open to a page ready for New Year's Resolutions to be jotted downMaking New Year's Resolutions can be a pretty easy thing to do - keeping up with and fulfilling them is a different story! It's challenging, but any resolution worth doing should be challenging. If you want to increase the likelihood of completing your newly made resolutions, check out these helpful tips!

Zippy ShellNothing beats the excitement of spring break vacation plans! It is almost time to leave behind the dull, dreary winter days for sunshine, relaxation, good food, lots of laughs, and quality time together. Here are 15 vacation hacks you can use for your spring vacation!

Zippy ShellWhether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, sometimes figuring out how to meet new neighbors can feel intimidating. You’re already moved to a new place, and things are a bit out of sorts, so your confidence and creativity might not be at their peak.

Zippy ShellHeading back to school fills both parents and students with excitement each year, but tackling school supply lists, getting used to new teachers, reestablishing a stricter schedule, and the return of academic demands can also be a challenge. Making a plan and getting organized for all that comes your way will save both time and anxiety.

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