Moving Tips & Advice

A happy family packs boxes into their card during a cold winter dayMoving in the Winter season presents its own set of unique challenges. Whether you are trying to plan around potential winter weather, or just trying to brace for the cold temperatures - we have some expert tips you can use to make your Winter move a successful one no matter the circumstances!

Zippy ShellIf you have kids going off to college in the fall, this summer will be a bittersweet one. While making some last "childhood" memories, you will also need to start preparing to move them to their new dorm and getting them ready for the big change.

Zippy ShellAt Zippy Shell, we understand just how stressful a move can be whether you are moving cross-country or just relocating one town away. Even thinking about the enormity of a move can bring on stress. Here are some stress-reduction tips you can use to help make things easier.

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