Moving Your Kid to a College Dorm Room

Zippy Shell

If you have kids going off to college in the fall, this summer will be a bittersweet one. While making some last "childhood" memories, you will also need to start preparing to move them to their new dorm. It can be overwhelming if this is your first time moving a child to college. But by the time they finish their college career, you and your child will be moving masters! In the meantime, check out some of our favorite tips for a successful move to college.

Tip #1: Do Some Research

Every college dorm is different—there is no way to guess what they will have available to your student or what is prohibited. If you haven't already received the necessary information from the school, give the housing department a call and request a list of what is in the room and what is not allowed in the room. Make a list of all your questions before you call to arm yourself with knowledge before purchasing and packing things for your child's big move. Here are some questions to add to your list:

  • What are the dimensions of the room?
  • Where will my student store their clothes? Is there a closet? How big are dressers?
  • Is there room for storage under the bed?
  • How many outlets are available?
  • Will a desk and chair be provided?
  • Are you allowed to bring your own mattress, or do they have to use the one provided?
  • Do the windows have blinds or curtains?
  • Are you allowed to hang things from the walls?
  • Is there a bookshelf in the room?
  • Is there a communal kitchen in the dorm? If so, what cooking appliances and tools are available?
  • Are there laundry facilities in the building?
  • Is there an elevator?
  • Do the rooms come with a television?

Tip #2: Talk with The Roommate

Many colleges will put your student in contact with their soon-to-be roommate over the summer. This communication can be excellent for coordinating before the move. Space is limited in dorm rooms, so having two of some items is unnecessary and will be a waste of space. Once you know the room's dimensions, you will want to plan accordingly. Your student can talk with their roommate to work out a list of who brings what. For example, one person can get the minifridge, and the other can bring a coffeemaker. Working together to plan out the space will make things easier in the fall, and it is a great way to get to know one another before they move in together.

Tip #3: Shop the Deals

Once you have put together a list of needed items, it is time to start shopping. You have made back-to-school shopping trips for over a decade, but be prepared for your biggest one yet! It can get expensive quickly, so check out the deals and discounts offered to students over the summer. Then, as fall gets closer, you will see many back-to-the-dorm deals that could help bring down some of the costs. In addition, some retailers and online stores, like Costco and Amazon, have special discounts on memberships and specific items for students.

Tip #4: Create A Packing Checklist

We are huge advocates of using checklists during a move. So many different things are happening at one time—it can be impossible to keep up with it all without a list. Now that you have everything you need, you can create a packing checklist to ensure nothing gets left behind. If your student is attending college in the same state, it may not be a big deal if they forget something. But if they are moving across the country to go to school, forgetting an essential item can cause problems. Not only will a packing checklist help you have a smooth moving experience, but you will have an inventory of everything they took with them to school. This can be helpful when it is time to move dorms, and they forget what belongs to them or their roommate.

Tip #5: Pack Early If Possible

Any move can be stressful but moving your child to a dorm is both stressful, exciting, and sad. If you can pack most of what they will need before moving day arrives, you can spend the last days enjoying each other's company instead of frantically trying to get everything done. This time can be difficult for both the child and the parents, so try to plan ahead to keep moving day calm and pleasant.

Zippy Shell Can Help with Your Move

We hope these tips are helpful as you get ready to move your kid to their dorm for the first time. If you are looking for a way to pack and move at your own pace, look no further than Zippy Shell. We offer mobile storage and moving solutions that are perfect for moving your student to school. Call us at 888-947-7974 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation estimate and more information about our services.