How To Pack Fragile Items for A Move

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Moving is hard work. Not only are there a million different tasks to complete, but you also have to keep all your belongings safe during the transition. If you have many fragile items, this can be a tough job. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to find a few damaged pieces after a move. This is typically due to packing and moving errors. The good news is with a bit of preparation and know-how, you will be able to pack up all your fragile and breakable things and get them to your new home in one piece. Check out our favorite tips for carefully packing your delicate pieces before moving.

Tip #1: Don’t Skimp on Packing Materials

Packing materials are vital to getting your fragile pieces from point A to point B without damage. It would help if you had various options for this task. Bubble wrap, packing paper, blankets, foam sheeting, and newspapers are all different packing materials you will need. If you are running low on packing materials, you can use regular items from your home to wrap certain things. You can use your towels, rags, scarves, socks, and other cloth items to keep your breakable belongings safe during the move.

Tip #2: Use the Right Size Box

Another critical way to ensure your items are kept safe during a move is to use the correct size box. For fragile items, you will want to use a smaller container. You can purchase boxes explicitly made for china or other extra fragile items. You can also buy boxes made to move televisions, artwork, lamps, and electronics. Sturdy plastic tubs are another great option for adding an extra layer of protection for your fragile things.

Tip #3: Fill the Box

A typical moving mistake is not filling the box. If there is any room left in the box, it will allow your fragile items space to move around—this can lead to shifting, which can cause things to break. Use smaller containers and try to leave as little room in the box as possible. You can use extra packing materials to fill any open space in the box.

Tip #4: Arrange by Weight

If you are filling a box with multiple fragile items, you should put any of the heavier items on the bottom of the box. Putting the heavy objects on top will crush the smaller and lighter things in the box. Place heavy pieces on the bottom and more lightweight pieces on top. Don't place too many items in the box.

Tip #5: Tape and Label Every Box

Every box you use for moving should be taped up and labeled—this is even more important for fragile items. You can buy brightly colored tape that says ‘fragile,' or use a sharpie marker and write it on each box where it is easy to see. Tape the bottoms of the boxes to make sure the bottom doesn't fall out while you are moving.

Tip #6: Pack Slowly

Take your time when you are packing your fragile items. If you move too quickly, you might accidentally drop or damage something. Instead, put aside some time in your schedule so you can carefully and intentionally pack your fragile things.

Tip #7: Load The Fragile Boxes Last

The boxes containing delicate items should be loaded last, so they are never unintentionally on the bottom of a heavy stack of boxes. This is another reason why labeling your boxes is so important. If you don't label them with a fragile sticker, you may put them in a place where they can get crushed.

Tip #8: Hire A Moving Professional

Consider hiring a moving professional if you are nervous about packing your easily breakable belongings. They are skilled at packing and can ensure your fragile pieces are taken care of correctly. In addition, they will make sure every piece is wrapped and packed perfectly.

Zippy Shell Is Ready to Help You Move

We hope these tips help as you get ready to pack up your fragile items for your move. Zippy Shell has storage and moving solutions for any situation. Zippy Shell will bring a secure self-storage unit to your location, where you will pack at your own pace—and then, when you are ready, we can safely transport the unit to your new home or hold the unit at our secure facility. It doesn't get any easier and more convenient than that! Call us at 888-947-7974 for more information and a free, no-obligation estimate today!