6 Reasons to Use a Zippy Shell Storage Container

Zippy Shell

There are a handful of different ways you can choose to move to your new home. The most popular choices are a DIY move with large rental trucks or portable storage containers that a professional moving company transports. Of course, each option has pros and cons, but in the end, using a mobile storage unit is the clear winner. Take a look at six reasons why we think you should opt for a Zippy Shell mobile storage container instead of a moving truck.

Reason #1: Skip the moving truck

Using a moving truck was the only way to move for a long time. Before mobile storage containers, if you wanted to move, you had to rent a moving truck and drive across the country by yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. Now, you can skip the moving truck and the stress of driving a large, unfamiliar vehicle. Let's face it: unless you regularly drive a large box truck, it's an uncomfortable task. It can be hard to drive a bulky vehicle down narrow roads, tight turns, and park in small lots. Not to mention how quickly the costs of using a moving truck can add up. The initial rental price can be appealing, but it can get expensive once you add in mileage costs, insurance, and gas. With a portable storage container, someone else will do the driving and transport your stuff where you need it to go. Easy! This will also allow you to drive your vehicle to your new location. If you drive a moving truck, you must make arrangements to transport your cars.

Reason #2: Pack on your own time, at your pace

Moving is hard work—it is even more complicated when you have a tight schedule, so flexibility is always a plus! When you use a portable storage container, you are in charge of your moving timeline. This allows you to pack at your own pace instead of having one day to pack and transport. Having this flexibility will decrease your stress levels as you prepare to transition to a new location.

Reason #3: Option to Store

When you use a portable storage container, you will have the option to have it transported to a secure storage facility for however long you need to have it stored—this is an excellent choice for people who have not determined their next location. In addition, many people have unique living situations, like staying with a friend or family member while a home is being built or living abroad for a short time.

Reason #4: Security

Our portable storage units are weatherproof to protect your things from the elements. Once locked, your container will not be accessible to any thieves or curious passersby.   We will then transport your container and store it in a secure, temperature-controlled facility. If you need to access your things on-site, all you need to do is let us know, and we will schedule a time to retrieve any items required from the unit.

Reason #5: Easy to Load

When you rent a traditional moving truck, there is typically a ramp you will need to use that doesn’t provide a lot of space and can be rather unsteady to use. Our mobile storage containers sit flush with the ground, so you can walk in without needing a ramp. This makes loading your things up so much easier, not to mention safer! Our barn-style doors make packing a breeze.

Reason #6: Peace of Mind

The best reason to use a Zippy Shell portable storage container is the peace of mind you will gain from using a trusted moving and storage company to move your things safely wherever they need to go. Moving is stressful enough—Zippy Shell can help take the most challenging part of moving off of your hands. From beginning to end, we make moving look easy. So when you choose to partner with Zippy Shell, we make it our mission to provide an easy and stress-free move.

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